Lead abatement NYC

Lead Abatement NYC

If you’re seeking a professional lead removal or lead abatement NYC offers a number of companies, but few are as experienced as AAA Lead Professionals, the New York approved, EPA certified lead removal firm. You no longer have to wonder and worry about lead in your home, business or rental property thanks to our team of workers, supervisors and inspectors who are trained, certified and licensed by the EPA. In addition, if you’re concerned about NYC HPD and DOH lead violations, or your own personal safety, you can find peace of mind by calling AAA Lead Professional for a ‘Lead Risk Assessment‘ to 1) see if lead is an issue and 2) measure your level of risk if lead is present. From there, you’ll be advised of the best remediation for your lead abatement that can include:

  1. Encapsulation – This involves placing a liquid coating over the lead paint.
  2. Enclosure – Covering and sealing the component that contains lead paint, like covering an old wall with new drywall.
  3. Removal – Safely scraping the component that’s painted with lead-based paint to expose the bare, non-contaminated area.
  4. Replacement – the removal of the component that contains lead based paint like windows, doors or trims and then replaced with new components.

NYC lead paint and other lead risks are still found today; it’s therefore important you do tests for lead – not just for compliance sake, but also for safety sake. If lead is discovered, we’ll take the proper steps to remediate and remove the lead based paint hazard. It’s important to mention too that these services extend beyond homeowners & landlords. They also serve business owners, real estate agents, school districts and municipalities.

Avoiding lead poisoning is quite inexpensive. Plus, it protects the health of your family, visitors or tenants. Do your lead testing and lead removal in New York with a quick call or email to AAA Lead Professionals today.